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Build an App from the scratch using Python

 Hey Friends!!

The code used in the video is given below:


import json

from difflib import get_close_matches

jsonfile = json.load(open("data1.json"))

word = input("enter the word: ")

def check(d):

    d = d.lower()

    if d in jsonfile:

        return jsonfile[d]

    elif len(get_close_matches(d,jsonfile.keys())) > 0:

        choice = input("Did you mean %s , Enter Y for YES, N for NO " 


        if choice == "Y" or "y":

            return jsonfile[get_close_matches(d,jsonfile.keys())[0]]

        elif choice == "N" or "n":

            return "The word doesn't exist, please enter the correct word"


            return "you enterd the wrong choice"


        return "The word doesn't exist, please enter the correct word"

result = (check(word))

if type(result) == list:

    for i in result:




Check out the link below to know how to build an application in python!!

Happy Learning!!


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  3. #include
    int main(){
    std::string name;
    int age,mark1,mark2,mark3;
    std::cout<<"Enter the Name"<<"\n";
    std::cout<<"Enter the Age"<<"\n";
    std::cout<<"Enter the mark1"<<"\n";
    std::cout<<"Enter the mark2"<<"\n";
    std::cout<<"Enter the mark3"<<"\n";
    int mark4, mark5, mark6;
    int addvalue= mark4 + mark5 + mark6;
    std::cout<<"total mark = "<<(mark1 + mark2 + mark3);
    return 0;

    1. Using namespace std;
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