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If you are into programming, you might have come across the word ‘data-structures’. If you are thinking about how to get started with data structures and the reasons to learn it, look through the content.
What are data structures? 
    Data structures are used to organize, process, retrieve and also to store data. There are various types of data structures. Data structures are used to process the data effectively. 
The datatypes are generally of four forms viz., 
  • Linear - arrays, lists 
  • Tree - binary, heaps, space partitioning 
  • Hash - distributed hash table, hash tree 
  • Graphs - decision, directed, acyclic 
Data structures in real life: 
    The most commonly used data structure is the arrays. It is used to collect identical or homogeneous objects. Trees are used to denote the hierarchical purposes. The shortest path from one point to another can be found by the graphs. Data structures are also used for sorting. Many music applications use linked list. These examples must have given you the sense of many ways you can benefit from learning data structures. 
Are data structures important for interviews? 
    Most of the technical companies focuses on the skill of data structures to analyse the candidate’s programming and problem-solving ability. Data structures are used to find whether the candidate has strong fundamentals in programming. Almost every company asks questions about data structures for shortlisting the candidates. By now you know how important it is to learn data structures. 
If you are racking your brain to get started in learning data structures, visit the link below to ace all your interviews with flying colours!!
Happy learning!! 


  1. Great tutorial, learning data structure and algorithm which are at the core of Computer Science, can help self-learner develop solid problem-solving skills. Thank you for sharing this. Great blog.


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